A Guide on How to Transfer Data From One Apple ID to Another

Sometimes you may need to share memorable photos, videos, songs, documents, or other data with your friends or colleagues. Or you created a new Apple ID for your new iPhone. Now, you want to transfer data from one phone to a new one.

There are multiple ways you can opt for transferring data from one Apple ID to another. Here, we will discuss the methods that work on how to transfer data from one Apple ID to another.

Can I Send Data From One Apple ID to Another?

Well, presently, Apple doesn’t allow direct data sharing from one Apple ID to another. However, you can share data from one Apple ID. You can move data from one Apple ID to another straight on your iPhone, but just a limited type of data.

Since Apple doesn’t support direct data transfer, the tactics used for data sharing are not considered official by Apple. You can either work straight from your iPhone or use iCloud or a third-party data transfer app. Let’s learn about how these techniques work.

Can I Use Universal Control for Data Transfer?

Universal Control is an iPadOS and macOS feature that allows users to use the same keyboard and mouse with several devices. You can also drag and drop various content between devices. It allows copying content but not transferring data from one Apple ID to another.

You need to use the same Apple ID to sign in to all devices you want to use Universal Control. But it doesn’t facilitate data transfer. When the Apple ID is different, you may encounter universal control not working after update issues.

Move Data from One Apple ID to Another Through iCloud

You can use iCloud to move the limited data from one Apple ID to another on your iPhone. To proceed with the transfer process:

  1. Access iCloud on a computer.
  2. Sign in using the Apple ID whose data you wish to send.
  3. Locate and choose the file type.

Tap Download to download a file. Save that downloaded file to your computer. Next, log out of your iCloud account and sign in to your new Apple ID. Tap the File type you wish to access to your new Apple ID. Tap the Upload icon and choose the recently downloaded files.

Transfer Data Straight Between Apple ID on iPhone

First, access Settings on your device and click your Apple ID banner showing your profile. Now, keep scrolling down to find and click Sign Out. You will sign out from the Apple ID whose items you need to share. Submit the password for your Apple ID and hit Turn Off.

Choose the copy of data by enabling the toggle close to it. Hit Sign Out. Choose the Sign-Out button and wait until you sign out completely. Sign in to your new Apple ID and tap Next. Enter the verification code you received on your device and type your device passcode.

Use iCloud Website for Data Transfer

If you are using a computer, you don’t need to worry about how to transfer data from one Apple ID to another. You can use the iCloud website, i.e.,, for transferring data. Access the iCloud website and sign in to one Apple account.

Select Contacts, Calendars, or other things. Choose Preview and then select the required items. Save them to your computer. Sign out of one account and sign in to another one. Tap Contacts or another service. Hit Import to upload data transferred from the first account.  

Send Data from Old Apple ID to New ID

When you turn off the options for sync in iCloud, you’ll be asked to save data on your iPhone. You can use this option for sending data between your Apple IDs. Launch Settings on your device and then click your name.

Select iCloud and then turn off Contacts. Tap on the Keep on My iPhone button. Log out from your existing Apple ID and sign in using another ID from Settings. Turn on Contacts under the option of iCloud. Click Merge to sync the saved data from iPhone to the new Apple ID.  

The Conclusion

So, as you can see, sending data from one Apple ID to another is not that challenging. When you choose to transfer data using iPhone or iCloud directly, you will be able to move only the limited data. For transferring an extensive amount of data, you may need third-party apps.

Remember that you would be unable to send things bought from the App Stores or iTunes to the new Apple ID. For this, you will have to re-purchase music, apps, or others. New purchases can’t be accessed in the old Apple. You can use Apple Family Sharing to transfer purchased content.  

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