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How Root Canal Treatment Can Save Your Tooth and Your Smile

If you have ever had a tooth ache, the first thing that probably came to your mind was am I going to lose this tooth? This may be scary, especially if you don’t have any insurance or if you don’t have a dental plan to support you during your treatment process, but fear not because it is highly unlikely that you will need to have an extraction as part of your treatment. In fact, in most cases, root canal treatment can save your tooth and your smile if you get it quickly enough after the pain sets in.

Pain when chewing

When you’re in pain, your focus is on getting rid of it—and that means any food other than ice cream probably sounds unappealing. If a toothache is killing your appetite and making it impossible to eat solid foods, you may need to schedule an emergency root canal treatment. While regular trips to your dentist can help keep oral health issues at bay, serious problems can happen without warning. The good news: An emergency root canal procedure can save even advanced cases of tooth decay or damage.

Sensitivity to hot, cold or sweet food

If you’re experiencing tooth sensitivity to hot, cold or sweet food, it may be a sign that there’s an ongoing problem with your tooth. It could mean you’re dealing with a fracture in your tooth, which could become very serious if left untreated. If it starts affecting your daily routine by making things like drinking coffee unbearable, seek emergency care right away. Common signs of a fractured tooth include sensitivity to eating hard foods (like apples) and pain when chewing on one side of your mouth.

Swollen gums

The most common sign of a problem with your tooth is swelling in your gums. If your gums are swollen, but not sore, it might be a sign that a nearby tooth has an infection or is starting to decay. While mild swelling around teeth can happen without any pain or discomfort, it’s still important to have your teeth checked by a dentist right away. Left untreated, it can spread throughout your jaw bone and down into surrounding soft tissue like muscle or gum—which means you could get an infection in your sinuses that could cause headaches or pain around one eye. If you’re having issues with painful swelling or if there’s pus-like discharge coming from underneath one of your teeth—then it may be time for emergency root canal treatment.

Bad breath

The list of possible causes is long, but a root canal could be to blame. When plaque-forming bacteria invade a tooth’s nerve chamber—also known as its pulp—it can cause an infection that’s considered one of many potential indicators of periodontal disease. This is no minor nuisance: If left untreated, it could destroy your tooth altogether. Luckily, you may have options for treatment that can save your smile and keep your mouth happy, healthy and clean.

Bleeding while flossing or brushing

Bleeding from your gums is usually a sign of gum disease. There are a variety of reasons for gum disease, but it’s largely preventable with a few simple steps. Start by brushing at least twice per day, with fluoride toothpaste, and flossing once each day—and see your dentist regularly for cleanings. Additionally, good oral health can also protect you against other serious issues like heart disease. According to Harvard Medical School research, people who have periodontal (gum) disease are more likely to experience cardiovascular problems such as blood clots, heart attack or stroke than those without periodontal problems—even if they don’t have any symptoms!

Pus in mouth

Pus in your mouth can be a sign of infection in many different parts of your body. A toothache, jaw pain or a fever could all be signs that an abscess is forming between your teeth or below one of them. The doctor will have to drill out a small amount of infected material from inside your tooth – called root canal treatment – so you should feel no further pain or discomfort after that point. To find out more about toothache treatment, contact our dental team today. We’re here to help answer any questions you may have regarding root canal treatment as well as other oral hygiene topics such as teeth whitening and braces! Our phone number is on every page if you want to call us right now. If not, please continue reading below!

Sensitivity to sound or touch of teeth or face

This toothache symptom is pretty easy to recognize. In most cases, you may feel pain when biting or chewing on food. You might experience shooting pain as soon as you touch your teeth with your tongue or lips. Some people feel pain in one area of a tooth while others may feel sharp, intermittent pain throughout their mouth. The discomfort can be painful enough to prevent you from eating or talking normally. It can also keep you up at night and make your day miserable. Fortunately, root canal treatment is often effective in relieving such symptoms so that you can enjoy normal eating habits and comfortable rest once again!

Broken tooth (cracked or broken filling)

The first thing you have to know when it comes to root canal treatment is what’s meant by a broken tooth. A broken tooth occurs when there is a crack in one or more of your teeth; if left untreated, your tooth will eventually be destroyed by infection. There are several reasons why teeth can break or crack: trauma (an accident that causes you to hit your mouth or jaw), cavity (caused by decay) and wearing down over time. If you suspect that one of your teeth may be crack, pay attention to sharp pains in your mouth or a sensation that something isn’t right. You should also look out for inflammation of gums, swelling around injured area and even discoloration in surrounding areas.

Cosmetic issues with your smile

Although these problems can be treated with a root canal, not all of them can be saved. In some cases, bacteria may have already spread to other parts of your tooth causing irreparable damage that could lead to tooth loss. If you experience a problem with your smile, it is best to seek treatment from an experienced root canal dentist near me as soon as possible. If a root canal is deemed necessary, there are several options available today to help save your smile.

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