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What Time of Year Does Mold Removal Grow?

Mold season is here! Mold forms when its airborne spores encounter moisture and food sources, such as wood, dirt, and paper. Moisture can be found in humidifiers, leaky roofs and pipes, flooding, and other types of water damage in the home. Mold Removal growth is ugly, has an unpleasant odor, and causes structural  damage of the building. It also increases the risk of allergic reactions and infections in the home residents. Young children, the elderly, and those with weak immune systems are the most at risk for health problems.

Mold loves moisture, and warm weather provides the ideal environment for growth. Here are some tips to help you avoid mold. You can call a professional Mold Removal Company in Burlington to keep your home mold free in all seasons.

When does mold season begin?

Mold loves high temperatures and moisture. Mold season in the US can be described as early spring through mid-fall. The weather warms up in spring, and there is more moisture.

The peak season for mold growth is in the middle of summer. This is particularly true in the south, which has hot and humid summers. Mid-fall is when temperatures drop, and the air becomes dryer, leading to mold growth.

Mold loves excess moisture, so be aware of mold growth. You should inspect damp areas in your home, such as the basement, bathroom, and kitchen.

What causes mold growth in homes?

Mold can grow in your home during mold season for a few reasons.

  • The weather — Mold loves moisture, so warm and humid weather is perfect for mold growth.
  • Flooding – Dry your home quickly to stop mold growth
  • Leaky roofs or pipes — Get the leaks repaired as soon as you can.
  • Don’t let damp towels or clothing – Mold can grow on towels and clothing.
  • Poor ventilation- Mold growth can be more rapid if your home isn’t properly ventilated.
  • Wet basements- Basements can be prone to mold growth, so ensure they are well-ventilated.

Mold can grow within 48 hours after water damage. To avoid mold problems, it is important to get mold removed quickly.

What are the dangers of mold?

If you are exposed to mold spores for too long, they can harm your health. Mold exposure can be identified by:

  • Trouble breathing, such as a persistent cough or difficulty swallowing, can all be signs of respiratory problems.
  • Allergy symptoms include hives, itching eyes, and sneezing.
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Memory loss, forgetfulness, or confusion
  • Itching and skin rash that causes severe discomfort
  • Eye irritation
  • Fatigue
  • Joint pain and aches
  • Nausea
  • Infections of the ear

Allergies can be triggered by mold, including sneezing or coughing.

Season of Mold Allergy

Mold season can be difficult for people with mold allergies. Mold spores can be released into the atmosphere, which can trigger asthma and allergies.

To protect yourself against mold allergies, you should stay indoors when the airborne mold spores are at their highest. To trap mold spores inside your home, keep your windows shut and use an air purifier.

What signs are there of mold growth?

You can identify mold growth in your home by looking for these signs.

  • Musty odor – Mold may be present in your home if you notice a musty odor.
  • Water damage – If water damage is evident on your property, it’s likely that mold has been present.
  • Wall and ceiling coloration — Mold usually appears as white, black, or green patches.

These signs are a sign that mold is growing in your home. Mold Removal Companies in Burlington, such as Burlington mold removal company, can help you remove it.

Can mold grow in winter?

Although mold can grow in winter, it is less likely to form during that time. Mold needs moisture to survive. Winter is a time when there is less moisture in the atmosphere.

If there is enough moisture, mold can still grow in winter. Mold can be found around windows that are susceptible to condensation or in soil from houseplants. If you overwater your houseplants, mold can also grow.

Does mold die in winter?

Although mold can survive winter, it will usually go dormant. Mold will not grow or reproduce in winter. If you have a mold allergy, however, winter can still pose a danger to your health.

How can I stop Mold growth in my house?

There are several things you can do in order to stop mold growth in your home.

  • Keep your home tidy and clutter-free.
  • Repair any leaks in your house as soon as you notice them. Mold needs moisture to grow.
  • Keep mold away from your home.
  • Install a dehumidifier inside your home, particularly in damp areas such as the basement or bathroom. Dehumidifiers can prevent high humidity conditions that encourage mold growth.

Call the Burlington mold removal specialists for mold removal during and after mold season!

It is important to act immediately if you suspect that you may have mold in your home. Burlington mold removal provides mold remediation services that will remove the mold from your home and prevent it from coming back.Burlington Mold Removal company is one of the top Mold Removal Companies in Burlington and will ensure that mold is not a problem in any part of your home. Get in touch with us today to get Mold Removal in Burlington.

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