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Read our full reviews of MyAssignmenthelp to find out of it is still reliable or not. We can assure you that our reviewers will surprise you with the news they have on the company. is one of the oldest writing companies online. Needless to say, they have helped an immense number of questions. But with time, course guideline, writing standard, study approach changes. Thus, a common question battled through every mind, “Is still reliable” or if there any new exciting new add-ons for the students.

Some of the most eminent online reviews have decided to do detailed reviews of My Assignment Help, giving an ultimate picture of then and now.  Our review will cover the following major grounds:

1. Quality had always been popular for keeping quality at top priority.  But it is important to know if they are using updated guideline and following current writing standard to meet the expectations of teachers/professors. Thus, we went through a few current online reviews. Review: Is still Legit?

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As you can see above, is still ruling for its incredible quality service In fact, their writers frequently go through training to advance their knowledge, writing skill and meet academic standards.  As compared to before, writers have improved the precision and readability of academic papers.They cover more layers of information to make it more informative.

2. Expert writers Review: Is still Legit?

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We have expanded the number of expert writers at At present, we have 5,115+ experts from UK, Australia and the US. They go through a severe complex hiring process before getting hired by us. We went pickier with time when it comes down to hiring experts. We do not pick writers who are any less than best. hires experts who have strong critical thinking and creativity.  The website tests the writers based on their soft skills, proficiency, English tests, and finally, they are given real projects to test if they are fit to carry academic requests. Review: Is still Legit?

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As we can see, has gone better, wiser and smarter with time. The users who are in constant touch with understand the growth of the experts’ quality work. seems to be hunting down all the great minds around the globe.

3. Specialised solution

Another major difference between then and now of is they have expanded their area of services. They offer specialised solutions with covering more areas. covers over 100 academic modules for countless subjects. They have expanded more due to the demands of academic help services in more subject areas. We cover areas like electromagnetism, light, sound, thermodynamics in physics. Under accounting, we are covering specialised areas like activity-based accounting, cost accounting, managerial accounting, etc. Review: Is still Legit?

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They have hired professionals who have specialisation in more subject areas. Hence, students now can seek a personalised solution in more areas. So to your question, “Is My Assignment help legit?” comes an obvious yes answer. No matter what may be your specialised area, you will find your specialised expert.

4. Discount

In addition to referral bonus, seasonal discount, signup bonus, My Assignment help offers a new discount for students that are as tempting as the rest. They offer 5% cashback on selected subjects, including human resource, psychology, English, marketing, and organisational behaviour assignments. Review: Is still Legit?

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5. More active customer support has trained the customer executives to make the members more active than before. You will get your replies instantly to whatever query you might have.

If you have to request reimbursement if the service has failed you in any way, customer executives will look into the matter and ensure arranges your refund as soon as possible. Review: Is still Legit?

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The customer service representatives at have received training to encourage greater member engagement. Regardless of your question, you will receive a prompt response.
If the service has let you down in any way and you need to request compensation, customer care representatives will look into the situation and make sure My Assignment help arranges your refund as quickly as feasible.

Wrapping up,

We hope the above review helps you understand how the writing company has grown, improved, and copied with the current writing standard. We recommend seeking help from because you intend to get good quality academic paper within a budget.

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