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Have you ever wondered what Facebook boosts were? How much does a Facebook boost cost?

This updated 2020 Q&A style guide will answer your burning questions about boosting posts.

You can also read our previous post on when and why to increase a Facebook page post. This guide is an excellent companion to the earlier post. Make sure you check it out!

Let’s get to the bottom of your questions about Facebook-boosted posts!

What is Facebook boosted post?

We need to discuss Facebook’s reach to explain how the boosted post came about.

Facebook realized in 2009 that its chronological news feed was not sustainable. There was just too much content for users to be able to sort through every time they visited Facebook click here.

Some news, like a friend’s pregnancy announcement, is just as important as the weekly specials at the local deli.

The news feed algorithm was created to combat this problem.

Facebook will display your post first to a small portion of your audience.

Facebook will show your post to more people if it is engaging. This means you get a small number of likes, comments, or clicks.

This is known as organic reach.

The more engaging a post is, the greater its organic reach.

You pay more for boosted posts than you get from organic reach.

To reach more people, you can increase any updates on your page. This includes photos and videos.

You can also select the audience. This could be people who are already following your page or new users.

The example shows that the post was seen by 977 people organically and 838 in the paid boost.

Facebook boosted posts are more popular than traditional Facebook ads because they are easier to understand and set up.

What is the difference between boosted posts and Facebook ads?

Each boosted post is a Facebook advertisement, but not all Facebook ads are boosted posts.

Boosts will require that you publish an update on your Facebook page. You can create Facebook ads independently of the content on your Facebook page.

This means ads can be hidden from your Facebook page. It makes them useful for ad campaigns. Your page’s users don’t need to see all of your ad variants. Boosts do not have this advantage.

2020 Update: Facebook launched the Facebook Ad Library last year. Anyone can search for and view all active ads on any page. While Facebook ads can remain hidden from your page, it is possible to view any dynamic ads by anyone who wants to peek.

Boosted posts can be used to advertise on Facebook. They can’t be created in Ads Manager and don’t offer the same customization options.

Learn more about Facebook ads by reading our beginner’s guide to creating Facebook advertisements.

What does a Facebook boost cost?

You can set the budget for a Facebook boost at your discretion.

Enter the amount you wish to spend, and Facebook will distribute it evenly over the selected period.

Does it make sense to increase posts?

It is frustrating to see Facebook’s organic reach metrics. If you don’t have engaging content, your organic reach will be a fraction of your total number.

One solution is to create more engaging content. But sometimes, that isn’t always possible.

Boosted posts are an easy and affordable way to reach a more significant percentage of your audience.

Dania from Littlelunchnotes said she makes it a rule to spend $1 on every Facebook post. “A small amount of money can make all the difference between no one viewing the post and one of our super fans engaging in the post and sharing it with their friends.”

“Once someone shares your post, it’s guaranteed that you have increased its organic reach.” All starting at $1

It is up to you whether a boost is worth it. A boost can be worth it if your audience discovers your content more often, resulting in increased revenue for your company.

It can be a brilliant idea to use boosts to prolong the lives of existing engaging and profitable posts on your Facebook Page.

How can you improve a post?

It is easy to boost a post – follow these steps!

First, locate the post you wish to boost on Facebook and click the blue “Boost” button.

(Note: This is a recent post I used as an example. However, it is not the best example due to the large percentage of text in the image. If less than 20% of the image’s text is included, your ad will be more visible.

That’s it! Click “Boost” to submit your ad for review. Your ad will start running automatically once it has been reviewed. This can take anywhere between a few minutes and several hours.

When is the best time to boost a blog post?

When timing your boost, the most important thing is to allow your post to gain organic traction in your followers’ newsfeeds. Do not post and then boost immediately.

Your ad will become more affordable if you allow the post to gain momentum.

The time of your boost doesn’t matter. Facebook limits boost to 24 hours. Facebook will only spend a budget when your audience is most interested.

How frequently should you increase posts?

There is no one correct answer. However, it is essential to remember that you shouldn’t boost multiple posts at once.

Unless you have separate audiences, you will be bidding against each other, driving the prices.

It would help if you allowed your boosts to run for a while so you don’t become too familiar to your audience and they scroll by you. We ordered. Group suggests that you only boost once per week.

Should you boost a single post or spread your budget over a week?

Another question that depends. What time is your audience most active?

You will completely miss your mark if you boost a post on Wednesday, but your audience is most active on Facebook weekends.

If you boost for the whole week and your audience is most active during weekends, then only a tiny portion of your budget is used when they are most likely to be reached.

When planning your boosts, consider the best time to reach your audience.

It would help if you also considered the timeframe for the content.

Shorter boosts are required for time-sensitive content such as events promotion. Ensure you don’t give gains beyond the time frame in which your post is relevant.

A week-long boost for content that is not urgent is acceptable, provided it doesn’t exceed your budget.

Do you have coupons or discount codes to boost posts and reduce costs?

Coupons for a free Facebook ad budget used to be easy to find. These coupons are challenging to see if any exist more info.

Today, the only way to obtain Facebook ad coupon coupons is by being randomly notified by Facebook. This notification will prompt you to apply a coupon, boost a post (which rarely happens), or attend a live Facebook for Business event.

Beware! Coupons advertised in other contexts than these could be a scam.

How can you tell if it’s a good idea or not boost a specific post?

Using Social Media to alert you to this situation is a great idea. Social Media will notify you when your audience finds an update particularly engaging. These updates will be more exciting and provide more value for your money.

These are not the same type of notifications Social Media sends you often that tell you that other page owners are encouraging posts similar to yours. These messages don’t tell me anything about my update’s engagement, so I usually ignore them.

It’s also a good idea to promote a post if you have a very urgent announcement to make to your audience.

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