The 15m Series Pantera CapitalMcSweeney TheBlock | Pros & Cons

The 15m Series Pantera CapitalMcsweeney TheBlock is a promising new cryptocurrency that is set to take the internet by storm. The platform is transparent and allows you to control your own data, and has an incredible potential to create a huge wave of speculative wealth. You’re going to have to be willing to invest if you want to participate, though.

Live-Streaming Platform

Stacked, a live-streaming platform, recently raised US$12.9 million in a Series A funding round led by Pantera Capital and Z Venture Capital. This funding will allow the startup to continue to build out its ecosystem. Initially, the company will use the funds to hire employees, ramp up its marketing campaigns and expand its reach to Latin America, Southeast Asia, and India.

Native Governance Token Mechanism

15m Series Pantera CapitalMcSweeney TheBlock offers a live streaming platform that features video, audio, chat, video formats, and themed communities. The platform also gives creators ownership via a native governance token mechanism. The token, a native currency, rewards users based on performance metrics. The token can be used for qualifying for the featured section, as well as for receiving donations and subscriptions from fans.

Twitch’s Content Strategy

Stacked is taking a cue from Twitch’s content strategy. The platform is creating a symbiotic relationship between creators and viewers, allowing for live fan chats and donation payments. The company has a strong user base in the United States.

Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains is an NFT domain name provider that allows people to register top-level domains and fully own their online identity. In addition to providing a digital identity, the company offers users a way to connect Web2 and Web3 applications. The platform works by minting decentralized, non-fungible token domains on the Ethereum blockchain. By enabling users to register and own their domain, the company eliminates the need to use intermediaries that can lead to errors and inefficiencies.

The platform uses Web3 technology to enable users to sign in and transact with applications and other services without having to share their crypto wallet addresses. By giving users a fully-owned digital identity, the company helps them to maintain a consistent reputation. This provides a significant benefit over relying on traditional intermediaries in the Web2 DNS space.

Transparent Systems

Transparent Systems is a startup that is developing a real-time, cryptographically secure payment settlement network. The company aims to compete with incumbent payment networks by introducing a new technology to the market. In addition to its own solutions, the company is partnering with companies such as Square and 2022 The Block Crypto, Inc. to bring blockchain to the financial industry.

Number of fintech Solutions

While the team has been working on a number of fintech solutions, its focus is on business-to-business (B2B) payments. For the past three months, the company has been beta testing its product with some major financial services. Its product should be ready for early production use sometime in 2020.

As with any fintech startup, the Transparent team has an interdisciplinary set of leaders, including software and networking engineers. The company also boasts a strong financial backing, with members of the Madrona Venture Group and Pantera Capital joining its board. With its latest round of funding, the company is accelerating its product development, and aiming to expand its footprint outside of the U.S.


15m Series Pantera CapitalMcSweeney TheBlock Vega Protocol is a decentralized protocol that is meant to allow investors to take advantage of derivatives markets on a fully decentralized network. The Vega team is currently developing the protocol to allow investors to trade non-custodial margin trading on a peer-to-peer network. They are planning to launch a testnet soon.

The Vega protocol will provide traders with a fully automated end-to-end trading system that is powered by a trading-focused sidechain. It also includes risk management processes for investment bank-grade transactions. This will ensure security and reduce transaction costs. It will also be an open protocol, meaning that it will be compatible with other blockchains. The Vega protocol will be updated frequently and will provide participants with incentives for creating new products. It will also allow users to choose the types of counterparties they wish to participate in.


The Pantera Capital – McSweeney TheBlock 15m Series has been created to help people earn cash online and it is considered one of the best programs on the market. It is an easy to follow guide to earning money online. You can use it on your computer or mobile device. It is the easiest program to earn money today.

Final Words:

Pantera Capital is a digital asset investment firm that is focused on investing in companies that are using the blockchain technology. The fund has invested in a number of high profile cryptocurrency projects. It has also announced a commitment of $1 billion to its second fund, which is due to close in May. The fund aims to invest in a variety of blockchains and create new markets for tokenized assets. The company has also plans to build an API for popular exchange applications and add intelligent features.

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