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Melissa Roxburg: Five Things You Might Not Know About Manifest

Known for her appearances in “Supernatural” and “An American Pickle”, actress Melissa Roxburg has appeared in a number of films and TV shows. She has also released three books, including “The Manifest” and “An American Pickle”. Her novels have sold more than a million copies worldwide and have been published in twenty-seven countries. She currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

Manifest was a series about passengers who are forced to rebuild their lives after a plane goes down. It aired on NBC, but was ultimately cancelled. Now, it’s streaming on Netflix. Here are five things you might not know about the show.

Moving Target & Diary of a Wimpy Kid

The show’s creators had no problem letting the rest of the world in. This includes star actress Melissa Roxburg, who’s had her hand in a few notable projects before Manifest, including The Marine 4: Moving Target and Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul.

Bevy of Supporting Cast Members

In addition to the usual suspects, Manifest will also feature a bevy of supporting cast members, including Kelly Roxburgh as a detective and Michaela Stone, as the NYPD’s smartest cop. The show will also boast a number of notable guest stars, including Jennifer Garner as a mysterious villain. It was also one of the few shows on the small screen that was kept in check during the height of the pandemic.

Manifest’s latest and greatest is definitely a reimagining of the classic, and in doing so, the show has a lot to offer fans. Despite the show’s mediocre ratings, it’s still a must see for sci-fi fans. The series will have two parts: the first, which is available on Netflix now, and the second, which is scheduled to air in 2022.

New Spinoff Series of Supernatural

CW has cast Melissa Roxburg in the lead role of a new spinoff series of Supernatural. The show, titled “Supernatural: Bloodlines”, will air as a backdoor pilot in April.

Chicago of Monsters

The series will follow a new Hunter who wants to rid Chicago of monsters. The story will be based on a number of mafia-esque monster families that have been running the underbelly of the city.

The Supernatural spinoff will be written by Andrew Dabb and directed by Robert Singer. It will also feature Lucien Laviscount as Ennis Roth, and Stephen Martines as Detective Freddie Costa.

Nathaniel Buzolic

The cast also includes Nathaniel Buzolic as David, and Sean Faris as Julian Durant. They will play members of two competing monster families. The new series will be set in Chicago, and the focus will be on five different mafia-like monster families.

Roxburgh, who previously appeared in Arrow, Supernatural and the Diary of a Wimpy Kid film series, will play a character named Violet. She is a member of a werewolf pack, but hides her true nature because of a forbidden love.

The CW has also signed Danielle Savre, who will play Margo Hayden, the head of the shapeshifter family. She is a former punk rocker. She feels threatened by the return of her brother, David.

Fellow Canadians

Unlike many of her fellow Canadians, Melissa Roxburg hasn’t opted for the life of leisure. Instead, she’s pursuing a career in acting. She’s been active in Vancouver since 2011 and has made appearances on such series as The Walking Dead and Supernatural. Aside from her roles on television, she also has a knack for making it to the big screen. She’s acted in films like The Marine 4: Moving Target and Sorority Murder. She even got to play the Princess in the Nickelodeon movie, The Big Time Movie.

While she’s no stranger to Hollywood, Melissa’s real home base is Vancouver, where she’s raised by her mother, a former professional tennis player. She’s also got a brother named Matt and a mother who teamed up with her husband to start a church in their hometown.

Final Thoughts:

In terms of her acting credentials, she’s been fairly busy since 2011. She’s appeared in a number of television series, including Legends of Tomorrow, Supernatural, and Travelers. She’s even landed the lead role in the NBC series Manifest. She may well return to the world of journalism in the near future, but for now, she’s all about the acting.

She’s also got a wacky and kooky sense of humour, which is evident from her Twitter feed. In fact, she’s become a cult favorite among fans, whose social media posts often reveal a side of her not often seen on camera.

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