A Frustrating Look at SPC Deweese

If you are looking for a great story to read, you might want to consider the life and career of SPC Deweese. Not only is this article filled with a fascinating look at his life, it also includes information about his military service and death in Iraq. You might be surprised to learn that Deweese was a decorated war veteran. He received several honors and awards, and is a role model for many soldiers.

Life Story

SPC DeWeese is a veteran of the United States Army. He served with distinction in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was also a member of the Iraqi Civil Defense Corps. The SPC DeWeese Foundation has provided more than $2 million in support to programs to benefit military families.

SPC DeWeese Foundation

The SPC DeWeese life story is filled with many milestones. Among these is the creation of the SPC DeWeese Foundation. The organization is dedicated to assisting military families in every way possible. This includes funding educational opportunities for children of military parents. It also assists veterans in finding jobs once they return from service.

The SPC DeWeese was born in Limestone, Alabama. She spent her early years on a cotton and tobacco plantation. She went on to serve in the United States Army.

Military Service

Spc Deweese, an American veteran, was killed in Iraq on October 25, 2010. He was 31, and a lifelong Marine. A native of West Virginia, David Deweese was killed while serving in the Middle East in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

503rd Infantry Regiment

During his time in the military, SPC Deweeses served with distinction. He served in Iraq twice, and was assigned to the 503rd Infantry Regiment. After retiring from the army, SPC Deweeses moved to Florida. He then served as a financial analyst for an economic solutions firm. In addition to his work at Accenture, SPC Deweese also works with the United Way and also United Means organization.

SPCC Deweese’s military career was distinguished by many awards. He earned the Navy Commendation Medal with Combat “V” award, and also the Purple Heart. He also earned the Legion of Merit.


SPC Deweese is an American citizen who has been a part of the military for several decades. He joined the Marines at the age of seventeen. He has been awarded many awards for his service.

Poca High School

The West Virginia native graduated from Poca High School. He served in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom and also the Gulf War. During this time, he was a Humvee driver. He also trained Iraqi police officers. He enjoyed fishing and also watching the New York Yankees.

David Spc Deweese was married with two sons. He is a member of the Riverside United Methodist Church. His family has been dealing with the loss of a soldier in their armed forces. In honor of the fallen member, donations have been made to the John Wayne Foundation.

Spc Deweese died in Iraq while serving as a Marine. His death was a tragedy not only for his family, but for the United States and also the country of Iraq.

Native of Putnam County

SPC Deweese was a native of Putnam County, West Virginia. He enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 1984. He graduated from Poca High School. SPC Deweese served in the Middle East, in both the Gulf War and also Operation Iraqi Freedom. He was awarded multiple medals for his service.

SPCC Deweese was a Humvee driver for the Marine Corps. He served in Iraq for nearly three years. He was assigned to a platoon of trained Iraqi police officers. His was also a member of the Riverside United Methodist Church.

Awards & Honors

David Spc Deweese was a great Marine. He was awarded numerous awards for his service. His received a Purple Heart and the Legion of Merit, among others.

He was born in West Virginia and joined the Marines at age seventeen. He served in the Gulf War, the Persian Gulf War, and also Operation Iraqi Freedom. His also served as a Humvee driver, and also a trainer of Iraqi police officers. He loved the outdoors, sports, and also baseball games. He was a huge fan of the New York Yankees.

Final Words:

Deweese’s death was a tragic loss to his family. He is survived by two sons and also his sister, Helen Holland. They live in Nashville, Tennessee. They have requested that the United States Marine Corps provide full military honors to their father.

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