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Look Well Said Labs is excited to announce the release of VocalID, the world’s first voice authentication tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify and authenticate users. The VocalID platform provides organizations with a secure way to verify user identity and access information, including email addresses and passwords. It’s perfect for use in situations where you need to ensure that only authorized users have access to sensitive data, such as customer records or financial data. In addition to its capability as a secure password manager, VocalID can also be used for voice recognition applications, such as voice entry into security systems or dashboards. With VocalID, you can quickly and easily verify user identities without the need for a physical token or password. ###

What is VocalID?

VocalID is a voice recognition software that identifies different people’s voices. It can be used to identify individuals in video recordings, audio recordings, and other digital information. It can also be used for automatic speech recognition and machine learning.

How does it work?

Voice Identification with AIHAO

Look-WellSaid Labs, a voice identification startup, has launched vocalid AIHAO, an artificial intelligence (AI) powered voice identification service. The product can identify a speaker’s voice even if they are whispering or have low or no audio. Recording the user’s voice is the first step in the process.

From there, vocalid AIHAO scans through millions of voices and compares it to the recorded voice. If a match is found, the software will return results that include speaker identification and other relevant data such as age, gender and nationality.

This technology could be very helpful for people who are unable to speak aloud due to medical conditions or injury. It could also be helpful for people who need to take notes in class or record interviews.

What are the benefits of using VocalID?

People with voice problems often find that their quality of life suffers as a result. With VocalID, users can use computer-generated voice recognition technology to restore or improve their communication abilities.

The system is simple to use, requiring only an internet connection and an audio device. Once activated, the software begins to learn the user’s vocal patterns and produces an accurate digital replica of their voice. This allows people with speech impediments or other conditions that affect speech production to communicate more easily.

VocalID also offers other benefits. For those who are unable to leave their homes for medical appointments or other tasks, VocalID can be used in conjunction with call center services to enable them to communicate effectively while away from home. Additionally, VocalID can be used as a diagnostic tool in the medical field, helping doctors diagnose conditions such as voice disorders and laryngitis.

How to get started with VocalID?

VocalID is a voice recognition technology that can be used to identify people in recordings. It can be used for authentication, identification, and conversation recognition. There are a few things that you need to do in order to get started with VocalID. The first thing is to create an account on the VocalID website. After you have created your account, you will need to upload a recording of yourself. You can either record your voice using a microphone on your computer or use a voice recorder app on your phone. The next thing that you will need is the VocalID software. This software can be downloaded from the VocalID website or from the app store. After you have installed the software, you will need to open it and click on the “Start Recognition” button. In the “Recognition Settings” window, you will need to enter some information about the recording that you have uploaded. This information includes the language of the recording, the region of the recording, and the vocal features of the speaker. After you have entered this information, click on “Start Recognition” again. If everything has been correctly set up, then your recording should start scanning as soon as it is loaded into the software. Once your recording has been scanned, you will see a list of results in the “Result List” window. The first column in this window contains identification numbers for each person in your recording. The second column contains identification


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