Optimize your e-billing Practice with DrChrono EHR Software

DrChrono EHR software is a digital technology company that offers cloud-based software and apps as well as billing services platforms. Its products include practice management and electronic health records. They offer lab integrations. Any health care provider that wants to provide patient-centered care can use them.

Cloud-based electronic medical records

DrChrono, an electronic health record (EHR), is a one-stop shop that offers practice management and billing. It features customizable medical forms and e-prescribing. The API is user-friendly and allows for easy communication between patients and healthcare providers. Secure communication and a mobile app are other features.

The DrChrono EHR designed to help providers spend more time with their patients. It features advanced data import and export capabilities, and HIPAA compliance tools. It also offers updates and a certificate of access, which are crucial for maintaining confidentiality. You can access the platform from any device, even mobile phones.

Management practice

DrChrono EHR provides a great solution to manage a multi-specialty medical practice. Michael Nusimow, Daniel Kivatinos founded the company in 2009 with the aim of eliminating administrative tasks from healthcare providers’ medical practices. DrChrono EHR allows doctors to collaborate on patient records and facilitate care coordination and communication. It also provides advanced capabilities to build customized forms and patient charts and has a library of specialty-specific templates.

DrChrono EMR accessed from any device, even mobile phones. This allows clinical staff to spend more time with patients. EHR is fully integrated across all platforms which is a huge benefit to busy practices. The billing feature helps doctors manage medical claims and keeps their income stable. It streamlines claims collection and guarantees timely payments.

This enterprise-grade EMR/medical billing technology automates patient charting using customized templates. Clinicians can reduce the time spent on tedious paperwork by reducing the amount of paper work. Remote care can be booked by patients, who can sign consent forms and participate in video consultations. The DrChrono Marketplace offers many app connectors to make it easier for patients and doctors.

Medical billing

DrChrono has many features that will make managing your billing easier. These features help to make billing easier and more accurate, as well as avoiding human error. This can filter claims by payer, timeframe, value and denied claims with customizable reporting. User can also use PMS to manage the billing process and correct any errors. By this also track the progress of each claim.

It integrates with hospital systems, allowing you to securely share information. To protect your data security, you can create profiles and grant permissions to staff members. DrChrono’s automated eligibility checks make payment collection much easier.

Lab integration

Physicians can order tests with DrChrono and easily transfer the results to their EHR. The lab development team can integrate structured lab data into EHR platforms using its read-and-write endpoints. Physicians now have instant access to lab results without the need for manual ordering.

DrChrono EHR is connected over 45,000 US labs. ONC-ATCB is federally recognized testing authority that certifies its lab integrations. The DrChrono EHR also meets all requirements of the HITECH act and is eligible for government incentives. The EHR makes it easy to receive payments from patients and insurance companies.

Appointment scheduling

DrChrono appointment management software allows you to manage all your patients’ appointments from one location. You can customize the calendar view by month, day, or week. You can also create a customized appointment profile to allow you to set realistic time blocks for all your appointments.

DrChrono also allows you to easily create appointments for existing and new patients. Enter the required information and then tap the + icon. The app will add the appointment to your schedule. After the appointment is added, you will be able to review it and then confirm it.

Patient engagement

DrChrono, an EHR platform for healthcare professionals that is a leader in the industry, serves more than 100,000 providers across the United States. The practice management platform it offers can streamline workflows, automate patient communications, manage patient-related issues, and help healthcare providers to improve their efficiency. The latest update includes 24×7 real time updates, patient-centric messaging management, mass recall and broadcast messaging tools.

Medical practices can also use the company’s patient engagement software to educate their patients about new policies. It can educate patients about the signs, symptoms, and proper hand washing. Its digital patient outreach tools allow medical offices to educate patients about the new regulations, including virtual visits and COVID-19.

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