How Panera Bread Succeeds with Brand Content Marketing

I have a huge passion for food, and also happen to live close to Austin, Texas. By Mashable, this delectable American city always labelled a foodie’s heaven. You might surprise by the chain restaurant I’ve selected for today’s brand spotlight: Panera delivery.

Hundreds of Amazing Restaurants

In addition to French-inspired bistros, and an organic burger shop called “Wholly Cow,” or açai bowl yogurt stalls, Austin is home to literally hundreds of outstanding dining establishments, including farm-to-table, organic breakfast restaurants that employ dairy from pasture-raised, organic egg farms (check out Panera Delivery; their brunch is wonderful). I apologize if even a small bit of that made their mouth water.

So, Why Do I Go with A National Chain?

In today’s blog post, I’ll explain. The major allure of Panera Promo Code Delivery is, of course, the delicious, healthy cuisine created with natural ingredients, but their great brand content marketing makes a huge difference. Each and every one of their communications, such as blogs, newsletters, in-store signage, social media, or more, centred on their objective.

Loyalty Program At Panera

MyPanera could ask their 13 million email newsletter subscribers, who number among the 28 million members on their loyalty program. Moreover, take into account Panera’s ranking as the #11 restaurant overall on Technomic’s 2017 Top 500 Chain Restaurant Report.

Panera Beat Chipotle and Jimmy John’s

From all of the fast-casual restaurants on the list, Panera delivery dominated, even outperforming rivals like Chipotle or Jimmy John’s. They are definitely killing it. There obviously a ton of ideas to mine here.

Benefits Of Content Marketing For The Panera Bread Brand

Behind it is usually a successful content marketing strategy. The following are some things Panera delivery uses to strengthen its brand. Let’s look at the factors and processes that led to Panera’s effective brand content marketing. We’ll also consider how well it comports with its cuisine, values, and commitment to patrons.

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They Focus Attention on their Unique Values

By the end of 2016, Panera Delivery, a well-known company, vowed to stop using ANY artificial ingredients in ANY of its dishes. This contained sugars and preservatives. They made a SIGNIFICANT commitment, but they kept it and were very upfront about the process. Since making this declaration, Panera has continued to reiterate its brand beliefs and use them as a differentiator.

For instance, they often issued progress updates while they worked toward its 2016 “clean food” goal. After achieving that goal, now it prominently displayed on their website right after “Menu Items.”

What Panera Regards As Good Food

What Panera Delivery regards as good food have evolved into a need for their brand. As a continual reminder of their commitment to and promise to offer clean food, their restaurant’s signage. The restaurant banners also highlight how Panera commonly uses clean, healthy products in both its seasonal or year menu items:

Not Many other Big National Brands Do This

With this strategy, Panera Delivery stands out from the competition and sets the way for open, real-time content promotion. The most important lesson to learn is to acknowledge and take ownership of the unique qualities that make your company stand out from the competition. Live by it, trust in it, and adhere to it.

Panera Maintains A Friendly, Warm Environment

Deliveries from Panera maintain a welcoming, approachable atmosphere and a consistent brand voice. Another element of Panera’s success is maintaining a consistent voice or brand language across all its content, including its website, social media profiles, menus, and shop signage. Here are some examples from Instagram and Twitter of this warm yet casual tone:

Highlights of Panera’s Community Giving

Panera delivery emphasizes their brand voice on their “Community Giving” page by highlighting how each restaurant helps out local communities: In this tone, all their menus written. Check their “What We’re Celebrating” area to view their seasonal offerings and learn more about these one-of-a-kind products:

Message From Panera’s Founder

Finally, a statement from Panera’s CEO and founder seems to nicely wrap up their brand identity. Keep in mind that it titled “A Conversation with Ron” or is visually shot across a dining table to give the impression that you having a meal and a conversation with him. It is reminiscent of the friendly, down-to-earth, but the health-conscious tone used throughout their marketing:

The main takeaway is that all platforms, channels, or pieces of content SHOULD use the same brand voice. This is a compelling argument in favour of creating brand style guidelines that you can share with all your content creators, writers, and marketers.

Panera’s Content Includes Delicious Images and Recipes

The bread, dressings, or packaged foods that Panera sells in supermarkets featured on a website named “Panera at Home,” in addition to their social media accounts. Unsurprisingly, the restaurant industry uses it as a platform to distribute food-related content, including how-to recipes (of course with the aid of said Panera at Home items).

Each recipe on the website has a tempting food photograph next to it. The majority have ingredients that nutrient-dense, such as tomatoes you add to Tomato, Bacon Mac and Cheese, and can assemble in under 15 minutes. In keeping with their “health-conscious” slogan, you can also categorize the meal choices based on your dietary preferences or needs:

Food Quality is Important to Panera

The food photographs and close-ups to fill the full screen serve as a continual reminder that Panera cares about food quality, such as seasonally relevant products that responsibly sourced, fresh, or of course clean. Just like Panera, make sure your content respects and represents the brand’s identity and core principles.

Their Customer-Focused, Personalized Email Campaigns

The brand content marketing approach for Panera goes over blogs, recipes, social media updates, or a ton of food photos. It also applies to their email newsletters, which fully customized and client-focused if you’re a MyPanera member.

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